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International press articles about news and trends in financial services technology Swiss Banking pe bitcoin Enter the Age of Bitcoin Although such bankers may still be a minority, Zurich-based SEBA Bank AG opened in November with a universal banking license and a suite of services ranging from fiat storage to crypto custody, a crypto-connected debit card that automatically converts to fiat on the backend for regular shopping and crypto-trading options through the bank's mobile app.

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Schwarzenbach said the pricing for SEBA app trades, enabled by backend API integrations with global exchanges, offered "extremely competitive" pricing compared to over-the-counter trades. SEBA was hardly the first bitcoin-friendly Swiss bank. The private bank Falcon Group, for example, launched bitcoin management services in Matthew Blake, the World Economic Forum's monetary systems lead, described crypto-friendly, fully licensed banks as an emerging trend.

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Likewise, the Swiss crypto startup Bitcoin Suisse has also applied for a universal banking license with the goal of offering everything from staking services to loans. We're not applying for a banking license just to be like every other bank.

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We are pioneers at heart, said Bitcoin Suisse marketing lead Ian Simpson. We will be able to start trading crypto securities, stablecoins and synthetics, such as mini-futures and products to short the major crypto assets.

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