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  1. I name you Prince Terrien, giant troll hunter extraordinaire.
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  3. You bounty hunters are like Delta Force reapers.

I paint on dollars because although money is currency, by painting on it, it becomes a commodity. My works are self-referential of the fact that they are commercial objects, and are poking fun at the prestige of greed and even the art world itself.

bitcoin bounty hunter

The cartoon characters I use serve as a channel between the creator and observer, making these concepts accessible to the bitcoin bounty hunter.

My latest works as presented here are all representations of the current era. We are turning digital and therefore my transmission is influenced by urban art and the crypto world itself.

bitcoin bounty hunter

His conceptual designs are charming, satirical, and offer commentary on social events and trends. He uses inspiration from street art mixed with cartoons, such as Uncle Scrooge, as bitcoin bounty hunter as real contemporary figures.

bitcoin bounty hunter

The value of his work has grown exponentially and continues to rise. His works are sought after by a consistent worldwide collector base made up of buyers from various backgrounds, including bank note art enthusiasts, Disney fanatics, and Bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders.

bitcoin bounty hunter

He has finalised over designs and more than 1, of his works are in circulation. He currently has no connection with any galleries but is promoting, auctioning, and selling his work on various online platforms and is part of upcoming underground activities.

bitcoin bounty hunter

Stay tuned!